Nara, Japan

During one of our days in Kyoto, we ventured to the city of Nara to visit the famous deer park. It took about an hour by train to get there. I’d heard about this deer park where hundreds of deer roam freely. Joe visited here when he studied abroad in Japan 13 years ago. It was a cool experience. The deer are everywhere and they are not shy at all. We bought some deer biscuits and had fun feeding them. They uniquely bow at you for food which is very Japanese. Even the deer are polite here!

Bowing for food

They were everywhere, walking the streets like it was no big deal

Todaiji Temple

Todaiji temple is located right outside Nara park and it is home to one of Japan’s largest bronze Buddha statues. Joe informed me that once this temple was built and established, the capital actually had to be moved from Nara in 784 to lower the influence of the temple. I loved this temple. The statues were really incredible and beautiful. Not something you see every day.

Next up: Osaka, our final stop on this trip!

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