Bondi Beach, Australia

During my last week in Australia I got an Airbnb near Bondi Beach so I could check out another area of Sydney. I loved my time here! My trip was coming to an end and I had no more travel plans, so I spent the week relaxing and walking the beach paths around this area. It was definitely memorable and I must say this beach has ruined all beaches for me! The crystal clear blue water, cliff pools, the surfers, etc. I think it’s the most beautiful and iconic beach I’ve ever seen. If you ever visit Sydney I would definitely recommend visiting this area, or staying for a few nights if you can. It has that beach town feel but it’s right outside the city. Such a cool vibe.

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  1. Linda Crabtree says:

    Hey Jessica!! Love seeing these pics from Bondi Beach!!! You are truly a world traveler! I do hope your new job is going well and that you are meeting some great people??!!!
    Love and miss you!!!!

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