Kyoto, Japan (Part two)

More from our time in Kyoto. Our tour guide recommended a tea ceremony/baking class in Kyoto so we participated in that one morning. We made two Japanese sweets and some matcha tea.

Tea ceremony
Matcha tea before adding hot water
Matcha tea after adding hot water and using the special whisk
The two sweets we made in class.

Nishiki Market

Octopus on a stick
People relaxing on the riverfront

Kansai Gaidai Unversity

Joe studied abroad in this area 13 years ago at Kansai Gaidai University which is located between Kyoto and Osaka. We took the train out one morning and went to visit his old dorm and the university. He was so excited to show me around and be back after all these years.

Temples and Shrines

Before you enter a shrine you wash your hands and take a little sip of the water for purification. This one in particular had beautiful flowers floating in the water.
The library inside a Buddhist temple
Beautiful tree

Fall in Kyoto

I’m glad we came to visit Japan in the fall because the leaves have been so colorful and vibrant! It was the best fall I have experienced in some time.

Philosopher’s Trail

This path along the canal was named after a famous Japanese philosopher named Nishida Kitaro. He walked it daily on his commute to university each morning. In the spring there are cherry blossom trees that line the canal and from the pictures, it looks so beautiful.

Next up: Nara

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