10 pictures that will make you want to visit Slovenia

I’ll be honest and admit I knew nothing about Slovenia prior to 2017 before my Euro trip. I wouldn’t have been able to point it out on a map, and I wouldn’t have been able to name one city in the country. Now, however, I can honestly say it’s one of the most underrated places I’ve ever been and I don’t understand how more people don’t know about it! As far as scenery goes, it topped my list of most beautiful landscapes out of all the places I visited.

We spent two days in Lake Bled, Slovenia. During my free day I decided to hike around the lake and find the most postcard-worthy views. With crystal blue water, a castle on the hill, and amazing landscapes – what more could you ask for. I hope these pictures inspire you to add Slovenia to your bucket list!

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  1. Julia Little says:

    I cannot imagine a more beautiful place – heavenly! You captured it so beautifully! I want to go!!!

    1. jessicasabo says:

      It seriously was so idyllic! I was amazed.

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