Taronga Zoo, Australia

One of my favorite things that I did in Sydney was go to the zoo! Of note, this is not the Australia Zoo that the Irwin family runs (you know Steve Irwin). That zoo is outside of Brisbane in Queensland. I make this distinction because I accidentally bought a ticket for the Australia Zoo ahead of my visit thinking it was in Sydney when it’s not. My bad! Luckily I was able to get a full refund.

On a positive note, my friend Clare has a friend that works at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney. So not only did she get us free admission she gave us a one hour private tour of her section of the zoo which was AMAZING! She works in a research section of the zoo that the public does not have access to. So it was really a once in a lifetime experience. We got to feed kangaroos and pademelons, get up and close and personal with a sleeping koala, and feed corn to pygmy marmosets which are native to Brazil.

Entrance to the zoo.
I must say this zoo has one of the best views of any zoo I’ve visited. The view of downtown Sydney and the harbour was beautiful.
Clare and I
As part of the private tour we went into one of the teaching rooms. The zoo has three and they are all different environments: desert, rainforest and woodland. We visited the desert landscape and got to see a bilby roaming around. It was cool to see a bilby in real life because they are nocturnal animals and not something you would normally come across.
The cutest pademelon I ever did see. I’d never heard of a pademelon before my visit and it might be my new favorite animal. Just look at that smile 🙂 They are in the macropod family similar to kangaroos.
Feeding the pademelons.
Feeding the kangaroos.
Up close and personal with a sleeping koala bear.
Pygmy marmoset
We got to feed the pygmy marmosets corn kernels. That is one corn kernel in its hand! Really puts into perspective how tiny they are.
After our private tour we roamed around the rest of the zoo. I got a good photo of a gorilla pounding on its chest.
This cute little creature is an echidna. Also called a spiny ant-eater.
More monkeys.

I loved my visit to the zoo and would highly recommend for anyone visiting Sydney.

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