Milford Sound, New Zealand

I can’t believe today is my last day in New Zealand! This marks the halfway point to this leg of my trip and I’ll be heading to Australia tomorrow for the next 5 weeks. I have so many photos to share about my time on the South Island of New Zealand, but I thought Milford Sound deserved its own post because it was truly that magical. We spent one day here and did an hour-and-a-half-long boat cruise out into the Tasman Sea and back. The views in Milford Sound are incredible, think steep cliffs carved from glaciers, cascading waterfalls everywhere you look and low-lying clouds to set the mood just right. It’s definitely one of my new favorite places and one that I will be recommending to anyone who comes to New Zealand.

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  1. Julie Little says:

    These photos are incredible – some of my favorites from your trip so far!!! You are going to have to spent a lot of time going back through these photos and remembering the individual moments of trip since each day adds new amazing photos and experiences!!

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