My night on the Nile

When our time in Aswan came to an end we boarded a felucca (traditional wooden sailboat used in the eastern Mediterranean) to spend 24 hours sailing the Nile river between Aswan and Luxor. We sailed until sunset, docked, and then slept overnight on the boat. It was a really fun experience and it turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the tour. I was ready for some downtime at this point since we had been on the go for four days straight site-seeing and had some early mornings. I really enjoyed just relaxing on the boat and getting to know my new travel buddies better.

This was our felucca. It was owned by the local family that we had dinner with the night prior actually. Our luggage was kept below deck and there was a bathroom on board but no shower that night.
I loved that the entire lower level was basically one giant cushion. This is where we spent the majority of the day hanging out, reading, eating our meals, and sleeping.

We played some games like Heads Up as a group.
For meals, we would lay a tablecloth out and eat while sitting. Breakfast consisted of fruit (bananas/oranges), hard-boiled eggs, and homemade bread with toppings like jam/spreadable cheese/honey.
Lunch set up.
For lunch, we had falafel, mashed potatoes with veggies mixed in, baba ghanoush (finely chopped roasted eggplant with spices), salad (cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers), bean stew, pita bread, and spreadable cheese.
For dinner, we reused plastic water bottles to make candles so we could see.
The meal was a hearty vegetable stew served over rice with pita bread.
We took a little mid-day break to dock and walk ashore.
The views and weather were great! This was early December and the weather is very mild compared to US winters. Sunny during the day and you only need a light puffer jacket at night when the sun goes down. I would highly recommend Egypt in winter. It gets super hot and humid in the summer and I think it would be pretty miserable.
Group photo. I loved this Egypt group! It was a lot of singles (mostly from the US) ranging in age from early 20s to mid-40s.
When it was time for bed we all moved back to the lower deck and they gave us each a heavy blanket. I also brought my sleeping bag liner for a little extra warmth. I think the temperature dropped into the high 40s that night but it wasn’t as cold as I thought it would be sleeping outside. They placed a net over the boat to keep out the bugs and for privacy.
As we were sailing we were able to witness everyday life along the Nile. It was a cool perspective and one you definitely don’t get when you only travel by car or train. I really enjoy seeing a new country by water.
Egyptian Flag
The landscape is pretty dry but near the river it gets lush and marshy.
The moon rising in the evening.
There was a beautiful sunset that night and the sky was so clear you could see hundreds of stars.

Overall I really enjoyed this experience of sailing the Nile for a day. We got lucky with some great weather and wind for the sails. The food on board was delicious and sleeping on deck was really fun. I loved watching the everyday life of the Egyptians along the river and I’m glad we docked mid-day so we could get up and stretch our legs. It was a little hard having to sit all day, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

Up next: Luxor

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  1. Linda Crabtree says:

    Hey Jessica! How is my TD doing? (changed from “2D” to Traveling daughter (TD). These pics are amazing! What a unique experience to travel the Nile for 24 hours and sleep on the boat!!! I can see why that would be one of your faves! How are you??? Did you enjoy Christmas? Happy New Year to you! Where to next? All is well here! Absolutely no complaints-except that I don’t see you anymore!!! God bless you in special ways, Jess!!!!

    1. jessicasabo says:

      Aww Linda I miss seeing you too! I’m doing really well. Just enjoying some downtime with my family in Ohio before I take off for New Zealand at the end of this month! Happy new year to you. I hope you are doing well!

  2. Kim Bair says:

    Love Love this trip…..You are so Amazing as only you can capture the true essence…

    1. jessicasabo says:

      Thanks Kim! So sweet of you to say 🙂

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