36 hours in Tokyo, Japan

Hello! Joe and I made it safely to Tokyo after a 24-hour travel day. Our 14-hour direct flight from Atlanta was convenient but kinda torture when you can’t sleep on planes. We spent the first day exploring on our own before meeting up with our Intrepid travel tour group. We are on the Japan Land of the Rising Sun 13-day tour. Then we plan to stay one week after the tour ends to explore the Kyoto area on our own.

The subway system here is one of the best I’ve ever experienced. It’s so clean. The seats are comfortable velvet. The signs are in Japanese and English so it’s easy to navigate. They encourage being quiet and not talking or speaking so it’s a very calm experience.
Shibuya ward

Meji Shrine

I loved these decorative sake barrels at the shrine.

Harajuku ward

Cool entrance to a shopping mall.

They have stores filled with just coin machines here. So interesting.
We ordered lunch from this vending machine. It’s nice that they have pictures of all the food here so you can judge what you are eating. Google translate has also been VERY helpful.
Veggie ramen

Akihabara shopping

Anime capital of the world

Joe was in anime heaven

Tokyo National Museum

At the end of the day, we decided to check out the Tokyo national museum.

Shinto shrine in Asakusa at night

View of the Tokyo Skytree at night

teamLabs Planets Tokyo

This immersive art exhibit was one of the best we’ve ever seen. You go in barefoot, and no shoes or socks are allowed since walking in water is part of the experience. My favorite exhibits were the room that made you feel like you were surrounded by stars, followed by the space that was filled with fresh flowers hanging from the ceiling.

It’s hard to see from the picture but we are standing in knee-deep water here. The bright lights are digital koi fish that are swimming around the room.

Next stop: Nikko

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